Friday, February 3, 2017

Eternity Quotes

A thousand years! This is a long stretch of time. How much may be crowded into it--the rise and fall of empires, the glory and obliteration of dynasties, the beginning and the end of elaborate systems of human philosophy, and countless events all important to individuals, which elude the pens of historians. Yet this period is to the Lord as nothing, even as time already gone. If a thousand years are to God as a single night-watch then what must be the life-time of the Eternal God!
[Charles Spurgeon]

Before the Eternal God, all the age of frail man is less than one ticking of a clock!
[Charles Spurgeon]

O think a little, how inconsiderable a thing is the longest life of man on earth--compared with an everlasting duration! The psalmist tells us, "You have made my days as an handbreadth, and my age--my life, my time on earth is as nothing to You"nothing, as compared with God's duration, which is without beginning or end! 
[John Shower]

This life, upon which everything depends--is very brief. How solemn this is! In Scripture, time is compared to a flower of the field;  a watch in the night;  a dream;  a vapor.
[William Jay]

How little a while we are to abide here on earth. After death we must abide forever in eternal bliss or in eternal torments. We will either be with God in endless glory or in everlasting fire with the devil and his demons!
[John Shower]

Eternity to the godly, is a day that has no sunset. Eternity to the godless, is a night that has no sunrise. [Thomas Watson]

O God, stamp eternity on my eyeballs!
[Jonathan Edwards]

ETERNITY! O that the sinner would study this word--methinks it would startle him out of his dead sleep!  O that the gracious soul would study it me thinks it would revive him in his deepest agony! [Richard Baxter]


The crosses and comforts of this present time would not make such an impression upon us as they do if we did but believe the things of eternity as we ought.
[Matthew Henry]

We must not forget that the issues of eternity, are settled in time.
[Arthur Pink]

The great weight of eternity, hangs upon the small wire of time!
[Thomas Brooks]

A mistake about your soul, is a mistake for eternity!
[J.C. Ryle]