Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Music Box


Once upon a time....

God wanted to give a special little boy a gift. The world had not been nice to this little boy...and God wanted to give him this gift to love him through. This gift was a precious music box with a special little girl on top. The world had not been nice to this little girl either and God wanted to love her through this special little boy.

The day had arrived for God to give this little boy this gift of love. Whisper: His love. The little boy took the gift and thanked God for the gift. The little boy wound the music box up and the little girl danced in circles singing to this little boy... I love you, I love you. She sang this over and over to him.

Soon the little boy grew tired of this.  He wound and wound and wound this music box till the springs finally broke. He grinned thinking he'd finally silenced her. The little girl slowly danced in circles, quietly singing I love you, I love you. The little boy was angry.

He threw the music box on the ground and stepped on it several times. As he was walking away quietly he could here the music box quietly moving and quieter still he heard the little girl singing ... I love you, I love you. So angry, this boy turned around, and outraged threw this music box at the wall breaking it to many, many pieces. The little boy then walked away.  Hearing through weeping, the little girl was singing...BUT, I love you, I love you. He just kept walking away.

Finally God arrived.  There laying in many broken pieces was the little girl dancer weeping. "God, I loved him, I loved him." God picked up the pieces and whispered,  "I know.  It was My love you shared and showed. You do not weep alone."

[Author Unknown]