Monday, January 16, 2017

Pink Quotes

The nature of Christ's salvation is woefully misrepresented by the present-day evangelist. He announces a Savior from Hell rather than a Savior from sin. And that is why so many are fatally deceived, for there are multitudes who wish to escape the Lake of fire who have no desire to be delivered from their carnality and worldliness.

The Bible is no lazy man's book! Much of its treasure, like the valuable minerals stored in the recesses of the earth, only yield up themselves to the diligent seeker. No verse of Scripture yields its meaning to lazy people.

Prayer is not so much an act as it is an attitude  an attitude of dependence, dependence upon God.

It is not the absence of sin, but the grieving over it which distinguishes the child of God from empty professors.

Instead of a river, God often gives us a brook, which may be running today and dried up tomorrow. Why? To teach us not to rest in our blessings but in the Blesser Himself!

[A. W. Pink]